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    3. Working at BISS

      Information for Candidates

      Dear Prospective Teachers

      By the time you read this message, you have probably already browsed through our website, and gotten a feel for the school, the faces, the events, the joy of learning and the family feel of BISS. You will be familiar with our IB curriculum and extra-curricular offerings, our history, and the multicultural essence of our school. In short… you are intrigued enough to go the next step!

      For more detailed information, the "BISS New and Prospective Faculty Handbook" includes information about expectations, timetables, teaching hours, extra-curricular responsibilities, professional development, housing, salary, cost of living, savings potential, and more. You will “hear” the voices of our faculty who can share their experiences with you; they offer you valuable advice and testimonials.

      In addition, we recommend that you peruse the Reading List below. It will introduce you to titles which will be helpful in your relocation to a new country and to a new culture. One article you will find especially interesting is from our colleagues, who have helped us compile “42 Reasons to Teach at BISS”, which we hope will convince you that BISS is a place you do want to teach in!

      Still intrigued? Wonderful! We invite you to check for any vacancies on the Current Vacancies tab to the left. 

      If no vacancies are listed and you live in Beijing, please feel free to send a speculative application, in the event that a Position becomes available during the school year.

      If you live overseas or outside of Beijing, you may send a speculative application if you wish, however, as it takes an excess of 6 weeks to process visas we recommend that you apply to available positions immediately. We suggest you bookmark this page and check regularly for openings, as they are posted as they become available.

      We typically interview shortlisted candidates at various locations around the world, fly-in interviews and/or Skype interviews. Our preferred teaching candidates for BISS have a teaching credential, at least 5 years of teaching experience, international living experience, experience teaching with an IB curriculum and/or philosophy, special skills for extra-curricular activities, and a master’s degree in a relevant educational field. Please review vacancy positions carefully for specific positions when available. In particular, please note visa requirements for foreign hires -- you will need 5 years of relevant educational experience to get a visa to teach at BISS, and if your nationality is NOT from a recognised English speaking country, elementary and middle school teaching applicants will need a degree from a recognised English-speaking country to be eligible for a visa. Please ask if you are not sure about your country, as even if your country has English as one of its official languages, it might still not be recognised as an English speaking country.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      Reading List?

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