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    3. BISS Strategic Plan

      BISS Strategic Plan

      Last update: Aug 1, 2015

      Summary of Strategic Themes and Result Statements:                     

      1. Attracting BISS Learners                                                   

      We will:

      • attract more students into BISS in order to support the mission and vision of school and further student learning
      • reduce student attrition at BISS in order to support the mission and vision of school and further student learning
      • capitalise on the strengths of the school to continue to provide high quality student learning.


      2. The BISS Learning Experience                                                                                                                  

      We will:

      • explore ways to continually develop our reputable ESOL programme in order to empower all our students to attain personal excellence (social/emotional, academic, extracurricular)
      • hire and retain excellent staff in order to provide optimum learning experiences in alignment with the IB
      • clarify, develop and implement data collection systems to inform teaching practice
      • review health and maintenance procedures at BISS to ensure a safe learning environment for all community members, keenly focused on personal and community well-being
      • seek out authentic professional learning opportunities for teachers in order to provide enhanced learning outcomes for students.


      3. BISS - A Community of Learners                                                                                                              

      We will:

      • ensure that the mission and values of the school are embedded and recognised across all year levels
      • create opportunities for all parents to be involved in supporting the learning and welfare of their children
      • empower students to gain the skills to live a ‘balanced life’.


         4. The BISS Learning Environment                                                                                                              

      We will:

      • strengthen student access to facilities in order to ensure full access to the curriculum
      • ensure that all students have timely access to learning resources to ensure a productive learning experience.

      BISS: Today’s Educational Leader, Shaping Tomorrow’s Global Leaders!