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    3. Meet The Team

      Admin+Whole School
      • Mr Dawid Bochen

        Head of School Poland

        Mr Bochen has over 10 years of experience as an educator and pedagogical leader in candidate and authorised IB world schools. As an IB workshop leader he conducts workshops for teachers across the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to that he works with the IB as School Visit Team Leader, Reader, and Consultant. Mr Bochen holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy (graduated with honours) from the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw (Poland), and a Postgraduate Diploma in Pedagogy, with Specialization in Child Care and School Counseling from the University of Wroclaw. After completing courses at The Principals Training Center in London and Miami, Mr Bochen was awarded the Certificate of International School Leadership. Mr Bochen has been with BISS since year 2014, he lives in Beijing with his wife and two children.

      • Mr Glen Pamment

        Pre K-12 Principal Australia

        Mr Pamment is the Pre K-12 Principal, and also serves as IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator. He has over 8 years' experience in IB world schools, holding positions including Mathematics Subject Chair, PYP Coordinator, and School Principal . As a member of the IB Educators Network, Mr Pamment has facilitated workshops in PYP pedagogy for Early Years and Primary School teachers, PYP coordinators and administrators of IB candidate schools. He also works as a School Visitor Team Member and Reader for the IB. Mr Pamment holds a Master degree of Education in Early Years Education from Queensland University of Technology. Mr. Pamment lives in Beijing with his wife and two boys.

      • Dr Esther Kim

        IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, TOK Coordinator, CAS Coordinator, MYP and DP Korean Language & Literature Korea

        Dr. Kim is the DP Coordinator, MYP and DP Korean teacher, and also serves as TOK and CAS coordinator. She has taught literature, film studies, cultural studies and woman studies since she obtained her Doctor’s degree in 2013. As a member of the IB Educators Network, she works with the IB as School Visit Team Member and Workshop Leader. She holds a Doctor’s degree in comparative literature from Peking University, China and a Master’s degree in comparative literature from Seoul National University, Korea. Dr. Kim has been with BISS since the year 2016, she lives in Beijing with her husband and three children.

      • Mr Joshua Brown

        IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator, MYP and DP Mathematics, Mathematics Department Coordinator, Houses and Student Council Coordinator, Personal Project Coordinator, Servise as Action Coordinator United Kingdom

        Mr Brown has been teaching mathematics for six years, predominately in the UK, where he taught all levels up to A-Level Further Mathematics as well as aiding students in their preparations for mathematics entrance tests for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. He has been an Assistant Head of Mathematics in the UK, as well as holding the role of Head of Mathematics in another school in China.

        Mr Brown's interests include playing football and playing chess. He has a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Mathematics from the University of Birmingham, and has QTS through the Graduate Teacher Programme.