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    3. Meet The Team

      Secondary School
      • Mr Christopher Theodore Wilson

        School Counsellor United Kingdom

        Christopher Theodore Wilson attended Westminster University in London, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree with honor in Psychology and Physiology. Mr Wilson has worked with High School students for many years as a counsellor, mentoring, guiding and supporting talented students as well as students who had a range of specific learning difficulties. He strives to provide students with the strategies and tools that would allow students with special educational needs to flourish and reach their full academic, emotional and social potential. After completing his Master of Science in Occupational and Counselling Psychology, Mr Wilson began his international counselling career and so far has worked in five different countries: United Kingdom, Malaysia, Oman, India and Kazakhstan, where he continued his passion and commitment of helping and inspiring young people to self-actualize and become the very best version of themselves.

      • Ms Jing Zhai

        MYP and DP Chinese Language & Literature, Language and Literature Department Coordinator, SAT Test Supervisor USA

        Prior to joining BISS, Ms Zhai worked with Marquette University in Wisconsin in US as the Chinese instructor and program coordinator, working primarily to set up the Chinese program. A Beijing native, Ms Zhai holds a Master’s degree in Foreign Language and Literature from the University of Wisconsin. Upon graduation, Ms Jing Zhai worked as faculty members at University of Notre Dame in Indiana in US and at Marquette University.

      • Mr Michael Neuwahl

        PYP, MYP and DP Design/Technology, E-Learning Coordinator Holland

        Mr Neuwahl is a driven IB educator with years of experience as teacher and IT Director in international schools in Estonia, the Netherlands, Switzerland and China. Since 2017 Mr Neuwahl joined BISS and teaches MYP and DP Design Technology. As of this year, he started a PYP Design pilot program, which is rapidly gaining momentum as students continue to explore design thinking and make meaningful connections with their prior learning.

      • Mr Pambos Chatzithomas

        MYP Individuals & Societies Teacher, DP Business and Management Teacher, Individuals and Societies Department Coordinator Greece

        Born in Ghana, raised in Qatar and Cyprus, Mr Chatzithomas went to the UK for his university tenure and embarked on his career with Procter & Gamble Hellas S.A and Pepci Cola Middle-east North Africa Division as marketing manager, repsonsible for 22 countries. He then returned to Greece and started working for many years at the IB Diploma level, teaching Business Management & Economics while fulfilling his wish to share with students his invaluable experience with multinationals and world trade.

        In 2016 he followed his wife to Beijing, China and now works at BISS International School. Mr Chatzithomas holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Aston in Birmingham in the UK, and has qualified as a Diploma Member of the Market Research Society UK.

      • Ms Tomoko Takimoto

        MYP and DP Japanese Language & Literature, MYP and DP Librarian, ES Teaching Assistant Japan

        Ms Takimoto has taught English and Japanese to Junior High and High School students for several years. She holds the Bachelor of Art degree in Literature from Aoyama Gakuin University. Hailing from Japan, Ms Takimoto has been residing in Beijing for the past three years with her husband and two children. During her time in China she has continued learning Chinese. Ms Takimoto enjoys expanding her knowledge of China and Chinese cultures with her exciting travels across China.

      • Ms SuRen Cao

        PYP, MYP and DP Visual Arts, Arts Department Coordinator China

        Ms SuRen (Cao Xiaoyan) comes from Sanyuan County, Xianyang City, which has a rich history of Chinese calligraphy. She started to learn traditional Chinese ink painting at the age of 9, and other forms of art such as watercolor painting, sketch, and gouache later on until 17. Ms SuRen graduated from Communication University of China in Beijing with a Bachelor degree of Arts minored in Art Design (Media Creation), majored in Journalism, and a Master degree in Communication. Ms SuRen has been teaching as mandarin teacher and Chinese art instructor for the past 10 years in Beijing. Since 2014 she started SuRen Ink Workshop and has been bringing her calligraphy and ink painting workshop to other countries, such as Germany, France, Korea and Mexico.

        Ms SuRen is full of energy and passion for communicating with others and sharing art with people from all over the world. She believes that with time and practice everyone can write calligraphy, do ink and oil painting, sketch, take photos, make videos, or create any other pieces of art to express oneself.

      • Ms Selinna Mu

        MYP Chinese Acquisition Beginner (Phase 1&2), DP Chinese B, Chinese Culture Facilitator China

        Ms Mu holds a Master's degree of Arts from Peking University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She likes to do research on teaching methods, Chinese culture and classical philology, as well as compiling textbooks. She has been teaching Chinese Language for over 12 years, eight years of which were in international schools. Ms Mu devotes herself to educating students diligently and building good relationships with them. She believes that good skills development is as important as knowledge acquisition. Ms Mu likes reading, hiking, and traditional music.

      • Mr David Wang

        MYP Chinese Acquisition Intermediate (Phase 3&4), DP Chinese Ab Initio China

        Mr Wang has been working as a Chinese teacher more than 30 years. He loves Chinese culture and has the passion to share his knowledge of Chinese culture with his students and colleagues. He holds a Master of Education from Beijing Culture and Language University.

      • Dr Priya Gopalan

        MYP Sciences, MYP Mathematics, DP Physics, Sciences Department Coordinator India

        Dr Gopalan taught undergraduate students back in India, and she joined BISS after she finished her PhD studies. Dr Gopalan has been passionate in her commitment to increasing individual performance, inspiring student’s interest in Science and providing them with opportunities for personal growth.

        An Indian by origin, Dr Gopalan came to Beijing four years ago with a fellowship program by Chinese Academy of Sciences, and earned her doctoral degree in Sciences with specialisation in Physics from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

      • Mr Richard Frankland

        MYP English Acquisition and DP English B Teacher, Language Acquisition Department Coordinator United Kingdom

        Mr Frankland taught English as a foreign language for seven years. He once briefly worked in Hong Kong and Japan before settling down with his Chinese wife in Beijing. He then became an English language teacher trainer for three years, working in a pioneering research project that is run in collaboration between the Chaoyang Education Committee and Beijing BISS International School.Mr Frankland now teaches Language Acquisition (MYP) and English B (DP) at BISS, and he aims to deepen and refine his pupils' capacity to reflect critically on the way they work, and to use English language to express opinions. He believes that teaching and learning is a community-wide endeavour, and we must all work hard together.

        Mr Richard Frankland comes from a small town near London in the county of Kent. He holds a CELTA teaching certificate from University of Cambridge in England, and a Post Graduate Certificate in International Education (with Merit) from University of Nottingham in England. He is also specialised in practitioner inquiry and action based research.